Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee (EPCC)

The EPCC is a standing committee of the Pitt Public Health Council. It is composed of one elected faculty member from each department, and two representatives of the Pitt Public Health student body—one at the doctoral and one at the master's level. The associate deans for student affairs and education, the assistant dean for student affairs, and the director of the MMPH program are ex-officio, non-voting members. Faculty members are elected by each department and student members are selected annually by the Pitt Public Health student body, which is organized by the assistant dean for student affairs. The chair of the EPCC must be chosen from the elected faculty representatives currently serving on the committee at their first meeting of the academic year. This meeting will be chaired by the outgoing chair. The election will be by secret ballot, with the results tallied immediately by the committee support staff person. The president of the FSEC will inform the Pitt Public Health Council of the results.

Maximize Charge of the Committee


Maximize Member responsibilities

Maximize Terms of Office for Committee Members

Upcoming EPCC Schedule

The EPCC meeting dates and times

May 5, June 2, July 14 - 1:30-3:30pm

Contact Kimberly Rehak for the Zoom meeting link.

Deadlines for new and modified courses

Spring 2023 new courses - May 2022

Spring 2023 modifications and Summer 2023 new courses – July 2022

Summer 2023 modifications – October 2022

Fall 2023 new course – November 2022

Fall 2023 modifications – January 2023

 Please be reminded that course documentation is due to EPCC one week before the EPCC meeting date. The meeting dates will be added to the EPCC webpage as soon as they are established by the committee.