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Take Full Advantage of Being a Pitt Student

Disability Resources and Services
Pitt is committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities. Students with disabilities will be integrated as completely as possible into the University experience.

Fitness Centers
Pitt has a variety of fitness centers and recreational facilities. In addition to standard workout facilities, these include pools, climbing walls, golf practice areas, a track and racquetball and squash courts. The University also has a number of intramural and recreational sports and fitness programs.

Job Finding for your Significant Other
If you're not the only one who will have to get used to a new city, check out the job opportunity links in the relocation section of the Pittsburgh Visitors Bureau.

Off-Campus Living
Learn how the Office of Off-Campus Living can help Pitt students find the housing they’re looking for by visiting their Web site.

Office of International Services
International students will find the Office of International Services (OIS) helpful in areas such as international admissions, immigration services, and international, social, and cultural programming.

Student Health Service
Student Health is committed to offering Pitt students health care while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality, advocating a healthy lifestyle, and providing health promoting educational aids. Their on-site services include dermatology, lab work, general medicine, nutrition counseling, gynecology, orthopedics, health education programs, and pharmacy.

TA Service
Instructional services for teaching assistants and teaching fellows provided by the University's Center for Teaching and Learning (UCTL).

The Writing Center
The Writing Center is a place for students, faculty, and staff to go to improve their writing at no cost to them. It is staffed by consultants who have been specifically trained to help people with their writing.

Transportation Department
Pitt students are permitted to ride all Port Authority of Allegheny County public busses for free with their Pitt IDs. In addition, the University runs free shuttles throughout Oakland for students, faculty, and staff. There is also a service called SafeRider, which provides safe transportation during the evening and early morning hours when special, nonemergency needs arise for students, faculty, and staff.

University Counseling Center
The counseling center provides short-term, confidential personal and academic counseling to registered Pitt students free of charge. Psychologists, counselors, social workers, a psychiatrist and pre-doctoral interns comprise the staff.

University Library Systems
The University Library System is the 26th-largest academic research library in all of North America and the 16th-largest among the prestigious public libraries of the Association of American Universities. The Health Sciences Library System supports the educational, research, clinical, and service activities of the Schools of the Health Sciences (School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Dentistry, Graduate School of Public Health) and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center through development of innovative information resources and services.
- Classes at the HSLS
- Classes at the ULS

University of Pittsburgh Child Development Center
The University Child Development Center (UCDC) is available for young children of University faculty, staff, and students.

Veteran’s Services
Veteran’s Services assists veterans, guardsmen, and reservists in receiving their military benefits, facilitates their transition into University life, and supports their ongoing academic success.

Visit Pitt’s Graduate Studies Student Services page for more information.

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