Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision, and Values

Established in 1948 to address the environmental and occupational health needs of our industrial region, the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health builds on its long and storied history of educating public health leaders, engaging in public health service and research, and translating research into public health practices and policies to improve the health of populations regionally, nationally, and globally.

Pitt Public Health Mission

Through excellence and leadership in education, research, and service, the Graduate School of Public Health promotes health, prevents disease, and strives to achieve health equity for everyone.

We do this by...

  • Creating the best possible learning environment
  • Fostering a multidisciplinary research approach to understand and solve health problems
  • Engaging partners—regional, state, national, and global—to improve public health and well-being

Pitt Public Health Vision

To be a world leader in improving public health.

Pitt Public Health Values

  • Excellence: A dedication to excellence in all facets of our work, recognizing that improving the health of populations rests on the discovery and application of the best scientific evidence
  • Diversity: A promise to respect human differences in all aspects of our mission
  • Ethics: A commitment to the highest standard of ethics and integrity
  • Service: A duty to provide the highest levels of service to public health at the global, national, and regional levels