Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health’s mission is to address health issues affecting global populations. This mission is carried out through four goals:

  1. Foster innovative, interdisciplinary, global health research
  2. Create the next generation of global health leaders and scholars
  3. Facilitate sustained global health partnerships
  4. Promote translation of global health research findings into policy and practice

The center supports students by providing guidance on global health resources at Pitt and beyond, such as ...

  • student interest groups
  • education and training programs
  • internship, fellowship, and employment opportunities (see our Opportunities Guide (PDF))
  • travel resources
  • funding sources
  • events 

For more information, contact   

Cynthia L Salter, PhD, MPH 

Internship, fellowship, and employment guide

Download the Center for Global Health's Internship, Fellowship, and Employment Opportunities Guide (PDF).