Pedagogical Professional Development

Practicum in University Teaching (3 credit course)

FACDEV 2200 Practicum in University Teaching is a three-credit course offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters in two formats (traditional and hybrid).

There are four major areas covered in this certification:

  1. Teaching Fundamentals
  2. Mentoring/Advising
  3. Classroom Methods
  4. Ethical Issues

as well as student exercises and a teaching practicum. For more information, search for the course in the Student Services Center in the My Pitt portal.

Achievement in Pedagogy Badge

For those looking to demonstrate teaching ability and a dedication to pedagogy, the University Center for Teaching and Learning invites you to earn the Achievement in Pedagogy Badge. This "evidence of teaching excellence" also can be listed on a c.v., and, as it a digital badge, the work that was completed to satisfy requirements can be digitally shared with potential employers or other third party entities.


Participants are required to attend two workshops in three of five possible focus areas (6 total) and compose a final 2-3 page reflective essay stating how the process of completing the badge has made an impact on their teaching. The five focus areas are ...

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Educational Technology
  3. Professional Development
  4. Online Teaching
  5. Diversity


Workshops are held throughout the academic year through the University Center for Teaching and Learning. (Note that workshops with an asterisk qualify for the badge.)

Professional Development Workshop Series Schedule

Please click here to access the schedule for the Professional Development Workshop Series.


Contact Kimmy Rehak or stop by the Pitt Public Health Office of Student Affairs.