Resources for Teaching, Learning, and Advising

Resources for moving classes online:


7 Tips for Delivering Interactive Virtual Sessions from Blackboard:

  1. Prepare your content for online delivery, with clear and simple visuals and text.
  2. Prepare yourself by practicing, both as an instructor and student, and get comfortable with the tools.
  3. Prepare your participants with a test session and clear joining instructions.
  4. Before the session, join early, check your equipment and pre-load your content.
  5. When starting the session, greet your participants and remind them of key functionality.
  6. During the session, speak clearly and slowly, projecting energy and enthusiasm, and monitor your participants.
  7. Ending the session, thank participants, and stay connected until all have left. Reflect on the lesson and make notes.


Resources for instructors

Guidelines for recording videos

Canvas users: Guide for recording videos

Blackboard users: Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate

Using Groups and Blackboard Collaborate: Detailed Guide

What to do if your course meets its quota (and what that means)


Blackboard users: Student knowledge base

 A more comprehensive list of procedures and guides is available from the Teaching Center's Instructional Continuity Page

Welcome! On this page you will find a comprehensive list of resources compiled by the Educational Programs division of the Office of Student Affairs. This page is organized by category in a number of drop-down lists with workshop information and a number of Quick Links on the right.

Maximize Adjunct Faculty Resources

Maximize Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

Maximize Advising Resources

Maximize Course Evaluations

Maximize CourseWeb and Instructional Technology Resources

Maximize Learning Outcomes Assessment

Maximize Librarians and Library Services

Maximize New Faculty

Maximize Practicum Form Templates

Maximize Teaching Resources and Technology

Maximize TA Resources

Maximize Teaching Consultations with UCTL

Maximize Transgender Student Support in and out of the classroom


Workshop Schedules

Approximately four teaching workshops are presented by Pitt Public Health each academic year, while the University Center for Teaching and Learning (UCTL) presents workshops year-round.


If you have questions, an idea or suggestion for next year's workshops, email Kimberly Rehak or stop by the Pitt Public Health Office of Student Affairs.