Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC)

All individuals with a primary appointment at Pitt Public Health are voting members of the Pitt Public Health Faculty Senate. The FSEC is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate which serves as the elected representative body of the Pitt Public Health Faculty Senate.

The FSEC officers are the president-elect, president, and past president of the Faculty Senate. The president of the Faculty Senate serves as the chair of the FSEC. The FSEC is composed of the three FSEC officers, the chairs of the four standing committees of the Pitt Public Health Council (see Sections 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and 8.1), and additional at-large faculty representatives so that the total number of non-appointed members of the council may equal the number of appointed voting members of Pitt Public Health Council.

For nominees of the at-large positions, to the extent possible, primary consideration should be given to the appointment of individuals from any Pitt Public Health department not already represented among the FSEC officers and the chairs of the Pitt Public Health Council standing committees.

Maximize Charge of the Committee


Committee Meetings

The FSEC generally meets monthly. For details, 

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FSEC officers & members

For questions or concerns, please contact a 2020-21 member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee:

Mary Hawk, FSEC president
Mackey Friedman, FSEC president-elect
Ryan Minster, FSEC past president

EPCC Chair (TBD)
FDC Chair (TBD)
Martha Terry, MPH committee chair
PBPC Chair (TBD)