Master's Degrees

With seventeen master's degree options (plus joint degrees), you're sure to find one that fits with your personal strengths, academic background, and career goals. You can even add an extra credential with a specialized graduate certificate in the area of your choice, such as global health, health equity,  LGBT health and wellness, or health systems leadership. Pitt Public Health can help you forge your own future through a master's program of your choice. 

Master of Public Health (MPH)

An MPH is a public health professional degree that prepares you to enter the public health field by working for an agency or organization. 

Maximize MPH in Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Maximize MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health

Maximize MPH in Epidemiology

Maximize MPH in Health Policy and Management

Maximize MPH in Human Genetics

Maximize MPH in Infectious Disease Pathogenesis, Eradication, and Laboratory Practice

Maximize MPH in Infectious Disease Management, Intervention, and Community Practice

Maximize Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health

Master of Science (MS)

An MS is an academic degree that prepares you to do research in academia or industry. We offer the MS in the following departments:

Maximize MS in Biostatistics

Maximize MS in Environmental and Occupational Health

Maximize MS in Epidemiology

Maximize MS in Genome Bioinformatics

Maximize MS in Health Services Research and Policy

Maximize MS in Human Genetics

Maximize MS in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

Other Professional Degrees

Pitt Public Health also offers two non-public health professional degrees.

Maximize Master of Health Administration in Health Policy and Management

Maximize Master of Science in Genetic Counseling

Joint Degree Options

Joint degrees allow you to combine your Pitt Public Health studies with a second from across the University of Pittsburgh, including: 

How to apply

Many programs continue to accept applications. Review application deadlines and instructions or

Apply online now

Using SOPHAS, the centralized application service for graduate schools of public health. Our SOPHAS codes are:  Pitt Public Health GRE 4234 and SOPHAS TOEFL 5688. Our SOPHAS Express codes are University of Pittsburgh GRE/TOEFL 2927.

Pick your field of study

Deciding on a Field of Study (PDF)Not sure where you'll fit best in public health?
Answer your questions and plan your path in public health with help from this guide, Deciding on a Field of Study (PDF).

Meet a master's student


Meet Jordan McBride (MHA/MBA '21), Gideon Scholar  

Meet Jordan McBride (MHA/MBA '21), Gideon Scholar

"Being a Dawn Gideon Scholar helped me feel like HPM was a great fit for me. [At the] annual golf outing...I was surrounded by inspiring women and men in the healthcare field, and I just felt right at home. I was energized by the stories that I heard. It made me excited for what I can learn and con... (07/16/2019)

Meet Kayleigh Adamson, MS student in biostatistics 

Meet Kayleigh Adamson, MS student in biostatistics

Kayleigh Adamson (BIOST MS '20) is from Crawford County in Northwestern Pennsylvania. With about 60 people in her graduating class, she grew up a self-described rural country girl. She started college at Penn State Behrend in Erie, PA, transferring to main campus for her junior and senior years. At... (12/09/2019)

Meet Emily Joseph (MHA '20), Gideon Scholar 

Meet Emily Joseph (MHA '20), Gideon Scholar

"The Dawn Gideon Foundation has done a lot of work to expose the scholars to people who knew Dawn Gideon and it's been really wonderful to hear about her impact on their lives, whether they've been people that she's personally mentored or just her close friends...It's been wonderful to get to know ... (07/16/2019)
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New master's programs - Appy Today!

MS in Genome Bioinformatics

The Department of Human Genetics has launched a new Master of Science in Genome Bioinformatics (MSGB) which prepares students for careers analyzing the human genome both in academia and in pharmaceutical and genomic testing industries.

New MS concentrations in Biostatistics

Public health and medical research is rapidly evolving with changes in technology and access to large quantities of complex high dimensional data. To address these demands of the current job market, Pitt Biostatistics has introduced two new concentration options for the MS degree starting this fall: Health Data Science (HDS) and Statistical and Computational Genomics (SCG).