Registration Information

Most Pitt Public Health students self-register for classes via Each department has slightly different procedures, so be aware of, and follow, your departmental registration policies. Most require students to turn in the enrollment form, signed by their advisor, and then self-register for classes online. In some programs, students are registered by the department.

Course Permissions

If you do not have the prerequisites for a course, if a course is full, or if a course requires instructor permission you must get a permission number from the departmental student services coordinator, or from the course instructor. If the permission number is for a PUBHLT core course, contact Adrianna Gradisek.

Cross Registration

Students wishing to cross-register at other local institutions must first be registered full-time at Pitt Public Health. 

Questions About Registration

Contact your department student services staff or contact

Note for Graduation Students

All students must be registered in the term during which they plan to graduate for at least one credit or for full-time dissertation study. See details. 

Important Registration Dates

Be sure to review both Academic Calendar's for 2020-21: