School Announcements related to the coronavirus outbreak (in reverse chronological order)

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 updates (8/7)

School leadership provides some new information about fall educational plans. Plan to join in a student town hall on the evening of Thursday, August 13, and stay tuned for further updates this week.   

Return to Campus Information

David DeJong, who heads Pitt's HR and business operations, shares updates on returning to campus, including staff COVID-19 response training, the Pitt Community Compact, daily COVID-19 Health Checks, face-covering requirements, building access, and facilities readiness.   

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (7/27)

School leadership briefly highlights some of the recently released information of greatest import to Pitt Public Health faculty, staff, and students.  

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (7/2)

Updates from school leadership clarifying how University operating policies and procedures will be implemented at Pitt Public Health and other advice for the upcoming term.  

Townhall on clinical and community-based research restart

On June 15, school leadership led a townhall meeting on restarting clinical and community-based research. Find out more.  

Fall Term Updates - Town Hall for Current Students

Eleanor Feingold and Jessie Burke gave updates and took questions about what to expect in the fall term. The most important piece of information they had was to remember that things are changing rapidly and a variety of committees are working constantly to keep the University community safe while committing to the same level of quality education we've always delivered.   

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (6/10)

View recent updates from school leadership on navigating ongoing changes. Virtual town halls have been announced including educational updates for new or returning students, clinical and community-based research restart, and fall educational updates for faculty and staff.  

Coming up: Lessons Learned from the HIV Epidemic and their Application to COVID-19

Join the MidAtlantic AIDS Education and Training Center on Thursday 5/28 at 2 p.m. to learn how the past 30 years of the HIV epidemic relates to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Then, identify key steps in educating health professionals from the HIV epidemic, and discuss how lessons learned from the HIV epidemic can help address current concerns in the COVID-19 pandemic.   

"Conversations about COVID-19" seminar series continues!

Each Friday this May and June, Pitt Public Health experts will have a conversation about different aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and then address questions from attendees. The goal of the COVID-19 series is to provide our school community, alumni, and the public with credible information about the virus and the associated health impacts.   

Chancellor's message: Planning for Fall 2020 (5/1)

Chancellor Gallagher thanks the Pitt community for "making it happen" over recent weeks and invites us to turn to prepare for the fall and plan for operations—navigating multiple possible scenarios and significant uncertainty—as government restrictions continue to evolve. During this intense planning and preparation, Pitt's primary goal is to explore maximizing activities related to our core mission while still honoring our responsibilities to m... 

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (4/24)

Congratulations to everyone for making it through the term and especially to all of our new graduates. Pat yourselves on the back for the creativity, flexibility, and empathy that got us through the past five weeks. The experiences that we have had together (apart) these past few weeks have had an enormous impact on all of us. We hope that your time at Pitt has given you the personal and professional tools to tackle the next set of challenges ..... 

Exemption process for in-person practice experiences (Summer 2020)

Because University educational activities are remote for this summer, practice experiences (e.g. internships, practicums and residencies) should be remote. Rare exceptions can be made after school-level review, prioritizing student safety including physical distancing. Each exemption request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Submit brief requests to Jessie Burke, associate dean for education (   

Share stories about your COVID-19 work

If you are doing COVID-19-related work and would like the school to share your story online, in social media, and other venues, send a short paragraph to describing what you are doing or visit