Department Retreat

Each September, the Department of Human Genetics holds a departmental retreat at the University of Pittsburgh's Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology.  Check out the photos to see what a great time was had in past years!  And don't forget to sign up for this year's retreat!

Read more about the laboratory in this University Times article.  

Pymatuning 2016

2016 Group Photo

Our group photo from the 2016 retreat!

Pymatuning 2015

2015 Group Photo

Our group photo from the 2015 retreat!

Pymatuning 2014

2014 Group Photo

Our group photo from the 2014 retreat!

Pymatuning 2013

Pymatuning 2013 Group Photo Attendees of this year's retreat!

Each year speakers are invited to discuss exciting topics. Below are the four speakers from this year's retreat.

Steve Skinner M.D.

Mary Crossley J.D.

Donald Burke M.D.

Dietrich Stephan Ph.D.

Pymatuning 2010

Here are some photos from our retreat in 2010!