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Substance use disorders: Treatment with genetic potential?

Vitullo, Kathleen (2016). Master’s essay, University of Pittsburgh.
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Significant disparities exist in subsets of the US population in both the prevalence of substance use disorders as well as access and referral to treatment. Incorporating the information known about genetics and addiction into current treatment practices could have significant positive effects on treatment outcomes and future prevention efforts, improving the overall health of the public.

Lysosomal storage disorders: From basic science to public health

Labilloy, Anat├ília (2013). Master’s essay, University of Pittsburgh.
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This study’s primary aim was to foster basic science research in the field of lysosomal storage disorders by developing and characterizing a cell model for Fabry disease that can be used to understand disease pathogenesis for drug development. An additional aim was to develop a strategic plan for a public health genetics program with focus on Lysosomal Storage Disorders in an underprivileged state in a developing country.

Relevance of meiotic recombination in public health: Lessons from the monodelphis domestica

Jacoby, Kimberly (2013). Master’s essay, University of Pittsburgh.
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Errors in meiotic recombination and their sequelae are among the fundamental causes of newborn morbidity and mortality and result in a significant burden on public health. This project assesses the role of meiotic recombination in disjunction and nondisjunction based on studies of humans and Monodelphis domestica, an animal model with inherently lower genome-wide rates of recombination.