Recommended Courses

Health Policy and Management
HPM 2010/3010: Organization Studies for Health Care and Public Health
HPM 2064/3064: Health Policy Analysis
HPM 2055: Managing Health Programs and Projects

Computational Biology
MSCBIO 2075: Molecular Evolution

Cell Biology and Molecular Physiology
MSCBMP 2880: Cellular Biology of Normal and Disease States
MSCBMP 2875: Experiments and Logic in Cell Biology

Cellular and Molecular Pathology
MSCMP 3750: Angiogenesis
MSCMP 3715: Bioinformatics in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
MSCMP 3710: Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
MSCMP 2730: Molecular Mechanisms of Tissue Growth and Differentiation
MSCMP 2740: Pathobiology
MSCMP 3780: Systems Approach to Inflammation

MSIMM 2210: Comprehensive Immunology
MSIMM 2230: Experimental Basis of Immunology

Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
MSBMG 3510: Advanced Topics in Gene Expression
MSBMG 2525: Developmental Mechanisms of Human Disease

Molecular Pharmacology
MSMPHL 3360: Molecular Pharmacology

Molecular Virology and Microbiology
MSMVM 2410: Molecular Virology

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(Last updated 12/8/16)