A fun, rewarding way to give back and make the public healthier


Pitt Public Health students, faculty, and staff have been volunteering at vaccination clinics on campus. It’s been a great way not only to serve Pitt and the broader community, participating in hands-on community health, they’ve also been building community. Meeting people and even socializing a bit, safely of course, after more than a year where many of us have been quite disconnected.

“To assist and interact with people from across the campus was restorative for me,” said EOH staff member Kelly Tatone. When she met Kirsten Crowhurst (BCHS '22) during a shared shift at the “Celebration Station” people visit after receiving their shots, they both commented on how they hadn’t seen or spoken to so many people in over a year.

When Tatone realized she was with student Meghan Matlack (EOH '22) from her own department, she walked right up and said, “Hi Meghan! I email you all the time!” Tatone also met the dean – another member of her department – when Dr. Lichtveld received her vaccine. Tatone was working the Celebration Station that day as well. Overall, it’s been a great experience. 

EPI’s Nancy Glynn has been organizing the clinics for weeks now as the PittCoVax volunteer coordinator. “I was thrilled to work side-by-side with an awesome, energetic group of faculty, staff, and students,” which has even included her daughter, Pitt Public Health PhD student Alix Glynn (HPM ‘23) and Claire McCreavy (IDM ’21). 

Glynn also talked about the exciting and community-building atmosphere. During one recent clinic, a second-dose community clinic, she spoke of “a sense of relief and joy of being one step closer to full vaccination. Working as a Pitt community to make a difference was empowering and contributing to public health in action!”

Glynn invites anyone that hasn’t yet had the chance to volunteer to join them


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