Communications Tools and Samples

With the goal of having consistent materials across all academic departments and units at Pitt Public Health, complying with University policies and aligning ourselves with the strong graphic identity of the major research institution that is the University of Pittsburgh, Public Health Communications offers these instructions and samples for use with various projects. (Click the arrow to the left of any category below to expand view.)

Maximize The importance of Branding

Maximize Flier Samples

Maximize Directional/Facilities Signage



Maximize Certificate Samples

Maximize Sample Handout

Maximize Name tag and Tent card samples

Maximize Business cards, letterhead, and E-mail signature

Maximize Naming Guidelines

Maximize Branding Marks & Identity

Maximize Script Pitt athletics logo & Panther spirit imagery

Maximize Color Palette

Maximize Official Fonts

Maximize Photo and video release forms

What Not to Do

  • Do not use acronyms for the name of the school. Instead use “Graduate School of Public Health” on first reference, and then say “Pitt Public Health” or “the school.”
  • Do not use former school marks, symbols, or colors. For consistency and strength in our visual branding, use the University-created blue and gold Pitt Public Health graphics shown above, which support the overall Pitt brand.


If you have questions or don't see what you’re looking for, let us know! We’d be glad to help you with additional items, files or formats.

If you’re ordering collateral, giveaways, or designing a brochure or printed piece , we’d love to review what you’ve come up with, or even help you to create something new.

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