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Communications Tools and Templates


With the goal of having consistent materials across all academic departments and units at Pitt Public Health, complying with University policies and aligning ourselves with the strong graphic identity of the major research institution that is the University of Pittsburgh, Public Health Communications offers these instructions and samples for use with various projects. 

All samples, images, and instructions on this page constitute the official branding for Pitt Public Health and are in addition to and in adherence with University guidelines. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know!

If you're ordering collateral, giveaways, or designing an in-house piece with one of the samples below, we'd love to review what you've come up with or help you to create something new. 


The official main font of the University is Janson text. The secondary font is Helvetica Neue (Helvetica Neue Light for most secondary identification involving schools, departments, centers, and affiliates). Recommended fonts for readability for body copy include Janson text, Sabon Roman, Perpetua Regular, and the entire Helvetica Neue family, including the the Helvetica Neue Condensed. The body copy font used in this guide is Helvetica Neue Light. 

If you don't have any of these fonts on your computer, you can download them or use Calibri as the closest universal option. 

Sample Files

To use a sample below, simply click the link to open the file or right click to save to your computer. 

Flier Samples

(word docs)

 Option 1flier option one image  Option 2horizontal image flier template thumbnail  Option 3small mark flier template thumbnail  Option 4small pic flier template thumbnail

PowerPoint Presentations (PPT)

 General image of general slideshow  With Photo image of slide with photo  Separator Slides image of separator sample  Final Slide end slide sample image

sign sample image


8.5x11 Word documents with horizontal and vertical orientations. Use with plexiglass sign holder or taped to the wall for event-day or temporary signage needs.
For additional sizes or uses, or more permanent signage requests, contact public health communications. 

sample program imageProgram

For event attendees, featuring speaker(s) photo and bio, talk title, etc. 
Four editable panels to be printed on 8.5x11 paper and folded in half. 

sample handout imageHandout (word doc)

For use when you need to create a quick and specific homemade handout. For access to professional pieces that the school has produced or to request a new piece, contact us. 





nametag sample image

Name tag (word doc)

This name tag template is to be used with the Avery5305 peel-off label. To apply this styling to a different size name tag, xxx. For a template in a different size, contact us. 

Tent card

Mainly for use on panels or in meetings. Panelists don't typically need to wear name tags and have tent cards on the table in front of them. Tent cards are sufficient and preferable since they are bigger and therefore easier for the audience to read. 

With the goal of having more consistent materials across all academic departments and units at Pitt Public Health, we invite you to use the templates below as a starting point in creating communications materials. To ensure greater cohesion across the whole institution, please adhere to 

Letterhead, business cards, and related materials are controlled through the University's communications team and can be ordered through their online store

To use a template below, simply click the link to open the file or right click to save to your computer. 

Color Palette

Pitt's official colors and the Pitt Public Health complimentary colors for incidental use. 

colors and codes thumbnail

If you're ordering a giveaway or redesigning existing materials, these color codes might be useful. For more information, or to start a new print project, contact public health communications. 


Pitt Public Health logo
The Pitt Public Health word mark can be used as the mark or logo for the majority of your projects. It does not have to be combined with the University seal or formal logotype. 
Available as blue and gold for use on white/clear, gold and white for use on navy, and navy and white for use on gold. 

Pitt formal logotype image

The Pitt formal logotype includes the Pitt seal and "University of Pittsburgh" text. The seal should never be smaller than 3/8." Suggested on formal documents or at the end of a multi-page brochure. 
Available in one line or two lines, and as separate images: U of P one line, U of P two lines, seal only. 

Don't forget to look at the templates to the left. You might not need to place these files yourself!

Maximize E-mail signatures

Naming Guidelines

What are we supposed to call ourselves anyway? We are the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, but what about informally or upon second reference? Let these guidelines answer your abbreviation and acronym-related questions! 

Facilities signs

Editable signs:

Communications Questions?

If you do not see the file or format that you need or need further assistance, contact Public Health Communications for assistance.

What Not to Do

  • No acronyms! If it's not a formal, first reference upon which you're saying "University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health" say "Pitt Public Health"
  • Use the former school mark. For consistency and strength in our visual branding, instead use the graphics and samples provided here. 
  • Refer to the individual sections of the building. Room numbers and names can be followed by "Public Health"


Electronic letterhead

To be used only when creating electronic letters/memos. To order printed letterhead...


Branding is an all-encompassing ideal, the embodiment of a company or organization that, through consistency, becomes familiar to its audiences--over time-- and is instantly recognizable. 

The University of Pittsburgh brand signifies academic strength, pioneering research, and outstanding community outreach. Our brand is our overall image--the persona of the University as the rest of the worlds sees, knows, and experiences us. It is what we do, what we believe, and who we are. 

Each day Pitt people upholding the University's values by protecting and preserving a graphic standards perspective, it is essential that we all do our part to fully and effectively implement Pitt's institutional identity--and thereby distinguish the Pitt brand. 

Institutional Identity and Graphics Standards
Principles and Applications
November 2017

If you want to read in detail about the University's guidelines and requirements on branding, style, etc., consider these resources: 

Institutional Identity and Graphics Standards (PDF - November 2017)

Office of University Communications Writing Style Manual 

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