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Ground Floor closure begins July 10 limiting access to lab freezers

A reminder that the Graduate School of Public Health’s renovations have progressed to the point where demolition and abatement of a portion of the ground floor (mainly the corridor) is to be done.  This work is scheduled for the week of July 10 – 14, 2017. The plan follows: 

  • Appropriate signs and barricades will be place at the building entrance, in the elevators, and stairwells that will clearly mark off limits due to construction. Amended egress pathway signs will show the proper exit that should be utilized in case of an emergency.
  • Access doors into any ground floor room within this corridor will be sealed as normal to contain the materials.
  • This work will be monitored by Pitt’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety as well as the Allegheny County Health Department.
  • The abatement decontamination barricade and shower for the abatement crew will be setup in the adjacent corridor that leads to the loading dock so there is nothing in the entrance lobby.
  • All mailboxes on the ground floor will be moved to the 1st floor Parran lounge during this time for ease of access.  They will be moved back to their regular space once the work is completed.
  • Although directional signage will be in place, please notify any regular suppliers and delivery personnel of the changes for this week.  Deliveries can be made through the loading dock or the DeSoto Street entrance.


      Lab personnel having freezers, equipment, and samples should prepare for work changes during this week. 

  • The G031 common freezer farm will not be impacted. 
  • Staff needing access to the North Parran freezer farm G03H (formerly the EPI DATA Center) will be permitted through the 1st floor construction area so stair 6 can be used to access this freezer area.  These areas will not be going though abatement.  Hard hats will be provided to the staff be able to pass through these areas.  Please contact Elizabeth Lawrence ( or Ann Ostroski ( for hard hats and directions if you need to go through this area during this week.  The G036 freezer farm can be accessed from its back door near the Parran-annex Lab Tower stairwell, but the front corridor door will be blocked.  Please prepare so that so that you can limit the number of LN2 tanks and supplies needed to be brought in during this week.
  • The south freezer farm (G013) will not be able to be accessed during this time and we are asking if the users could acquire their needed samples prior to this work commencing if possible. Should a freezer in this room alarm and fail during this week; the Pitt technicians will move the freezer out of the freezer room and this zone entirely.

Thank you for your cooperation during these inconveniences. 


Ann Ostroski

Office of the Dean


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