Chalhoub: 2018 Delta Omega Inductee


DIDIER CHALHOUB is a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute on Aging Interdisciplinary Studies Aging Section. His areas of research include aging, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia, concentrating on osteoporosis and body composition with a special interest in understanding the effect of muscle-bone interaction on outcomes such as fractures. Among several honors, he was asked to serve as chief judge for the NIH Fellows Award for Research Excellence competition; he was recently named Elite Reviewer for the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (among only 2 percent judged to be deserving of this recognition); and he was elected to be NIH Liaison at the National Postdoc Association, for which he has served as an active member of the resource development and advocacy subcommittees.

While completing his PhD, Chalhoub earned a Certificate in Global Health, worked as a research associate at the Center for Aging and Population Health, and was a presenter for two consecutive years at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research conference. He received several awards as a doctorate student, including the 2013 ASBMR Young Investigator and the 2014 Aging Institute best poster. In addition to his academic and community involvement, he served as a part-time commercial translation associate at the sciVelo group, where his responsibilities were to promote a culture of academic commercial translation throughout the University’s schools of the health sciences and execute sciVelo’s commercial translation architecture therein. One of the projects involved a competitive landscape assessment of a novel technology (liquid biopsy) for early diagnosis of Necrotizing enterocolitis, a $5-billion-per-year neonatal condition.

Chalhoub earned his MMPH in 2012 and his PhD in epidemiology in 2015 from Pitt Public Health.


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