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In journal clubs, students develop critical evaluation and discussion skills as they become familiar with public health and epidemiologic literature.

For a description as well as contact info on each journal club, please click on the “+” sign near each heading to expand the entry. Please contact the individuals indicated below for additional information on a specific journal club.

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NoteAs the University continues to conduct classes online for summer 2020, some journal clubs are meeting remotely. If you are interested in attending one of the journal club meetings being offered this summer, please reach out to one of the contacts indicated below.

Upcoming EPI Journal Club Meetings

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Maximize Diabetes Journal Club

Maximize EpiBrain: Brain Imaging in Epidemiological Studies of Older Adults

Maximize Epidemiological Methods Journal Club

Maximize Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology Journal Club

Recent EPI Journal Club Meetings

Epidemiology Journal Club

Epidemiological Methods Journal Club

Friday 4/20 2:00PM - 4:00PM
1154 Public Health, JHF Conference Room

Paper: Naimi et al., (2018): MCMC

Contact: Dr. Ashley Naimi, Facilitator
Email: ashley.naimi@pitt.edu

Contact: Ya-Hui Yu, Journal Club Coordinator
Email: yay55@pitt.edu

This journal club covers a range of methodological topics relevant for practicing epidemiologists and applied biostatisticians. Topics covered include (but are not limited to) machine learning, causal inference, Bayes analyses, robust analysis, as well as basic inferential statistics.

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