Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences JOURNAL CLUB

Journal Club is intended for graduate students to become familiar with the primary scientific literature by learning to select, read, analyze, understand, and orally summarize original research papers. Graduate students will also hone their scientific and critical writing skills. Meetings will be held once per week during the regular academic semester during which one student will present the research article and lead in the discussion. All students will prepare for each discussion in advance and will contribute to the analysis and discussion of the paper. In this journal club, papers will be presented on a diverse set of topics related to our fields of research performed at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

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Course coordinator:
Nicholas Fitz

Research Assistant Professor
Office 4136
Lab 4060.5-4060.10
Pitt Public Health
130 DeSoto Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412 624 8662
Email: nffitz@pitt.edu



Student Journal Club

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health student journal club provides a forum to discuss recent advances and gain experience organizing and presenting talks.

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Environmental and Occcupational Health Sciences Journal Club (EOH 2109) Syllabus

Date Presenter Paper Article
Sept 1   Discussion of Student Expectations  
Sept 8   Article Discussion 1  
Sept 15 Jessie Klousnitzer

Rational Framework for the Design of Trp- and Arg-Rich Peptide Antibiotics Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria

Click Here For Article
Sept 22   Article Discussion 2  
Sept 29 Baoli Qian

Profiling of ob/ob mice skeletal muscle exosome-like vesicles demonstrates combined action of miRNAs, proteins and lipids to modulate lipid homeostasis in recipient cells

Click Here For Article
Oct 6 Allison Koller

Biomarkers associated with blinatumomab outcomes in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Click Here For Article
Oct 13   Article Discussion 3  
Oct 20 Vania Polynice

Modeling undernutrition with enteropathy in mice

Click Here For Article
Oct 27   Article Discussion 4  
Nov 3 Xinran Zhu

From cohorts to molecules: Adverse impacts of endocrine disrupting mixtures

Click Here For Article
Nov 10   Article Discussion 5  
Nov 17 Qing Cao NAD+ supplementation reduces neuroinflammation and cell senescence in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease via cGAS–STING Click Here For Article
Nov 24   Thanksgiving Recess  
Dec 1 Nusrat Jahan Prolonged inorganic arsenic exposure via drinking water impairs brown adipose tissue function in mice Click Here For Article
Dec 8   Article Discussion 6  


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