Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences JOURNAL CLUB

Journal Club is intended for graduate students to become familiar with the primary scientific literature by learning to select, read, analyze, understand, and orally summarize original research papers. Graduate students will also hone their scientific and critical writing skills. Meetings will be held once per week during the regular academic semester during which one student will present the research article and lead in the discussion. All students will prepare for each discussion in advance and will contribute to the analysis and discussion of the paper. In this journal club, papers will be presented on a diverse set of topics related to our fields of research performed at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

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Course coordinator:
Nicholas Fitz

Research Assistant Professor
Office 4136
Lab 4060.5-4060.10
Pitt Public Health
130 DeSoto Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412 624 8662
Email: nffitz@pitt.edu



Student Journal Club

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health student journal club provides a forum to discuss recent advances and gain experience organizing and presenting talks.

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Environmental and Occcupational Health Sciences Journal Club (EOH 2109) Syllabus

Date Presenter Paper Article
Sep 2   Syllabus review and introduction  
Sep 9   No Class  
Sep 16 Zachary Clemens The biphasic and age-dependent impact of klotho on hallmarks of aging and skeletal muscle function Click Here for Article
Sep 23      
Sep 30 Kristine Sun Nanoparticle Delivery of Anti-inflammatory LNA Oligonucleotides Prevents Airway Inflammation in a HDM Model of Asthma Click Here for Article
Oct 7      
Oct 14 Delmaliz Barreto-Vazquez Cross-reactive serum and memory B-cell responses to spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 and endemic coronavirus infection Click Here for Article
Oct 21      
Oct 28 Jessie Ann Klousnitzer Design of stapled antimicrobial peptides that are stable, nontoxic and kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria in mice Click Here for Article
Nov 4 Pattra Chun-On Student Research - A better understanding of telomere maintenance mechanism in melanoma.  
Nov 11 Qing Cao Mutant-selective degradation by BRAF-targeting
Click Here for Article
Nov 18 Vania Marie Polynice Chlorine disinfection facilitates natural transformation through ROS-mediated oxidative stress Click Here for Article
Nov 25   No Class - Thanksgiving Recess  
Dec 2 Samantha Totoni Student Research - Misled about lead: scientific consensus, manufactured controversy, and lead ammunition  
Dec 9 Meghan Matlack Student Research - Exploration of Boosted Regression Tree Modeling for Improved Dengue Risk Prediction Across Brazilian Municipalities  


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