Research Training

The aims of CCREOH’s research training project (U2R) are to:

  • Build research capacity related to neurotoxicant sources and exposures and their impact on maternal and child health in Suriname, as proposed under the linked U01 research project
  • Implement research training and career development programs for Surinamese scientists and health professionals who will pursue careers in environmental and occupational health research and public health in Suriname
  • Strengthen the capacity of a sustainable cadre of environmental and occupational health research scholars to address high priority environmental and occupational health threats in Suriname
  • Provide CCREOH hub partners and the wider GEOHealth-funded hub network access to contemporary environmental and occupational health science and policy training and education products.

Long-term Training Activities

MSPH program

A total of 82 Surinamese students completed a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) through a joint program sponsored by the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) and the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (the former host institution for the U2R). In additional to coursework, students completed a 200-hour applied practical experience and a research thesis. Local Surinamese mentors were based at the Ministry of Health, AdeKUS, and Academic Hospital Paramaribo’s Scientific Research Center. Over 95% of the MSPH graduates are now employed in public health in Suriname.

PhD program

A PhD program in environmental health was started at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname in fall 2016 with logistical support from CCREOH. The PhD curriculum includes eight classes of three credits each, up to 12 credits of independent study (as determined by the dissertation advisory committee), a prospectus defense, 12 credits of dissertation research, and a dissertation defense. Nine students enrolled in the program; two have graduated and seven are currently enrolled. 

Short-term Training Activities

Workshops for Caribbean professionals

We host annual workshops for environmental and occupational health professionals from the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean in conjunction with the Caribbean Public Health Association’s (CARPHA) Annual Health Research Conference. From 2017-19, the workshops were attended by a total of 67 individuals from more than 20 countries. Workshops feature presentations from regional professionals and have focused on climate and health, risk assessment, risk communication, air pollution, and CCREOH preliminary research results, among other topics. The workshops are major collaborative efforts funded by our U2R training grant, NIEHS, CARPHA, and PAHO.

Mentored research visits for CCREOH PhD students

CCREOH PhD students have the opportunity to participate in short-term mentored research visits to work with U2R faculty in the United States. The focus of these individualized visits depends upon the research training needs of each trainee, such as advanced biostatistics and data management training or analytic laboratory skills development.