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Welcome to the Department of Health Policy and Management. I cannot imagine a more interesting and exciting time to be engaged in healthcare policy and the management of healthcare organizations. Over the last few years we have seen tremendous changes in the organization, financing, and delivery of health services in United States on a scale not seen since the introduction of Medicare in 1964. The three-tiered problems of cost, quality, and access will continue to grow in importance as the population continues to age, develop disease, and be cared for in a health system constantly changing as a result of the affordable care act, the incredible advances in genetics, personalized medicine, and biotechnology.

Professionals in health policy and management address these problems with a wide range of skills, experiences and positions. Our department’s academic programs provide outstanding training for students interested in understanding and improving healthcare. We offer the following degrees:

MHA: For the future professional healthcare manager, we offer an MHA degree that prepares students to enter early to mid-level management positions and provide the foundation for subsequent professional development, leadership and executive management in organizations involved in the delivery or financing of health care services. Graduates of this program have advanced to become CEOs and Presidents of major hospitals, delivery systems, and payers.

MPH: Our MPH program provides related training with a focus on public health organizations at a local, state and federal level. MPH graduates have found positions in public health departments, state health agencies, the federal government, and many national healthcare advocacy organizations.

MS: The MS program prepares graduates for positions in health services research and policy, analytics and also prepares them for higher level education (such as a PhD). Graduates will be prepared to conduct research on policy issues affecting the organization, financing, and delivery of health care and public health services.

PhD: For students wishing high-quality rigorous research training to investigate the causes, effects, and potential solutions for healthcare problems today, we offer a PhD in health services research and policy. The analytic, policy, and economic skills and expertise provided by this program produces individuals who can seek positions in academics, research institutions, the federal government or healthcare consulting organizations.

Joint Programs and Certificates: In addition, we offer multiple other programs for multidisciplinary interests in healthcare. With the incredible importance of the legal landscape in healthcare today, we offer a joint program with the law school leading to a JD/MPH degree. For those looking to hone their leadership skills, we also offer an MHA/MBA degree in partnership with the Katz Graduate School of Business. Because of the increasing importance of understanding the efficiency of healthcare delivery, in collaboration with the Department of Industrial Engineering, we have developed and offer a certificate in Health Systems Engineering, and for clinicians who are entering leadership positions, we offer a certificate in Health Systems Management and Leadership.

The faculty of the Department of Health Policy and Management draws from a wide range of disciplines, with expertise in health policy, economics, management, finance, law, decision sciences and public health. The Department faculty conduct NIH funded research in health care financing, long-term care and chronic care, organ allocation and donation, medication policy, and the impact of state and federal health programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

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Jess Dornin with any questions regarding our educational programs. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you decide whether a career in health policy and management makes sense for you.

Julie Donohue,
Department Chair

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Susan L Borowski
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