Strategic Plan

Goal 1

Prepare the next generation of public health leaders through rigorous educational programs and robust student support services

  • Implement a unique educational vision that addresses “big data,” emphasizing high dimensional data analysis, computational modeling and simulation, neuroimaging, statistical genetics, and comparative effectiveness research
  • Augment student experiences, including the implementation of a statistical genetics certificate, greater interaction with the Public Health Dynamics Laboratory, and increased linkages to behavioral and health services research programs
  • Recruit a diverse spectrum of students and equip them to make substantial scientific and professional contributions

Goal 2

Expand knowledge in the field of public health through scientific inquiry and innovation

  • Be leaders within the University and externally in “big data” through the development and application of novel biostatistical methods
  • Create a vital research environment via a departmental program for scientific collaboration and review, and provision of administrative and technical resources
  • Develop faculty through improved mentoring to increase high-impact publications, external service, and awards received
  • Increase the intellectual and professional productivity of students, and maintain contact with our alumni throughout their careers

Goal 3

Advance the health of populations across the lifespan through faculty service, in cooperation with partners at the regional, national, and global levels

  • Develop innovative linkages with private and public organizations and agencies requiring biostatistical support for local, national, and international public health initiatives
  • Provide training for faculty in the professional skills required for effective policy advocacy and actively support their participation in advisory and scientific capacities

Goal 4

Secure adequate resources and promote operations effectiveness

  • Develop a state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure
  • Develop a formal departmental marketing program, including an improved Web site, recruitment materials, newsletter, and annual report