Career Services Seminar Series

Project Management Essentials and Leadership

Wednesday 7/17 5:00PM - 6:00PM
University of Pittsburgh

Fourth River Solutions (4RS) invites you to attend a seminar series on project management with Danielle Minteer, the project manager of clinical trials run by the Department of Plastic Surgery at Pitt. This is a great opportunity to learn about PMP certification, the role of a project manager, and how their strategies get employed in the workplace. We recommend making all four parts if you can, since the material is related!

All sessions will begin at 5 pm in Benedum 102 and will last 60-90 minutes.

Wednesday 7/17: Project Management Essentials and Leadership

Danielle will cover PM 101 (how to get & maintain PMP certifications and career paths as a scientist-PM; Project Management phases, processes and key concepts) and leadership essentials.

Wednesday 7/24: Scope management, Quality management, Risk management

Thursday 8/1 - Schedule, Cost, and Resource Management

Tuesday 8/6 - Communications, Stakeholder, Procurement, and Integration management (how everything comes together)

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