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NOTE: As of August 2020, Pitt Public Health transitioned to using Pitt’s online calendaring system ( for posting school events on the web. 

Each unit/department has two event publishers (listed below) with access to posting and maintaining the unit’s events via an online form. The full list of event publishers across the university is also available.

If you are not an event publisher, please contact an EVENT PUBLISHER in your department to share with them the event information. Student organization events are posted by the student affairs team. For other questions regarding the website and online events, please contact

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Minimize List of Event and Website Editors by Department

BCHS Events publishers
Bridget Montgomery
Paul Markgraf


BCHS web editors (all)
Jessica G. Burke
Susan Cotter
Paul Markgraf
Bridget Montgomery

Biostatistics Events publishers
Amber Haydo (General)
Bernadette Kapko (seminars)
Renee Valenti (dissertations)

BIOS web editors (all)
Amber Haydo
Jong-Hyeon Jeong
Lu Tang
Renee Valenti

EOH Events publishers
Kelly Tatone
Bryanna Snyder

EOH web editors (all)
Adam Orbell
Cindy Johnston (seminar series)

Epidemiology Events publishers
Lori Smith
Amy Rhodes
Alison Weller 

EPI web editors (all)
Stephen Barton
Lori S. Smith
Alison Weller

HPM Events publishers
Susan Borowski
Ali Greenholt
Rhonda Tothe


HPM web editors (all)
Susan Borowski
Kevin Broom
Jess Dornin
Ali Greenholt
Doreen Hernandez
Peggy Kernan
Ali Pittman
Tony Snow ?
Rhonda Tothe

Human Genetics event publishers
Noel Harrie
Jessica Roberts

Andrea Durst (Genetic Counseling Program)

HuGen Web Editors
Andrea Durst (Genetic Counseling Program)
Eleanor Feingold
Robin Grubs
Noel Harrie
Candace Kammerer
Jessica Roberts
Dan Weeks

IDM event publishers
Judith A. Malenka
Chelsea Yonash(defenses)

Ingrid Godfrey (MAAETC)

IDM web editors (all)
Ryan E. Evans
Joe Germanoski
Judith A. Malenka
Michael Singer ?
Chelsea Yonash

  • Student Affairs (general), student organizations
  • Career Services events
  • Educational programs, professional development, and public health grand rounds
  • New Student Recruitment events
Allie Faett
Kimberly Abraham
Kimmie Rehak
Renee Hill



Jill Ruempler
Matt Borkowski
Caitlin McCullough

  • Center for Global Health 
  • Center for Health Equity
  • Center for LGBT Health Research
  • Center for Public Health Practice
  • Mid-Atlantic AIDS Education & Training Center
  • MidAtlantic Regional Public Health Training Center
  • Public Health Dynamics Lab

Kathleen Ali
Joe Shadwick (MAR-PHTC)

Ingrid Godfrey (MAAETC)


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