Meet Public Health Genetics Student Lauren Spor


Lauren Spor started her MPH in public health genetics in 2021. 

What does public health genetics mean to you?

Public health genetics describes the intersectionality between human genetics with issues that impact large demographics and communities. This includes policies that affect genetics-related care, access to genetic screening services, genetic epidemiology, as well as advocacy, intervention, and education efforts.

What areas of public health genetics are of interest to you?

This summer, I’m very excited to perform genetic epidemiology research regarding a form of skin cancer, although I’m also interested in disability advocacy work. 

What will you be doing/have you done as a practicum during the MPH Public Health Genetics Program?

I volunteered with the All of Us Research Program’s Policy Office, where I supported projects regarding the ethical, legal and social (ELSI) implications of the program’s proposed policies. My projects predominantly included the responsible return of genetic results to participants and the responsible inclusion of individuals with decisional impairments into the research program.

Do you have a recommendation for a resource/podcast/book/article for someone who might be interested in learning more about public health genetics?

I’d recommend watching Katie Lee, CGC Talks Genetic Counseling’s interview “What is Public Health Genetics and how do I become an MPHG?” on YouTube.

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