Meet Haley Director, Health Justice Scholar


Haley Director (HUGEN MPH '22) is a first-year student also pursuing a Certificate in Health Equity. She is from Sharon, Massachusetts and earned a BS in biology, chemistry, and hispanic studies from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA in May 2020. 

Director has always been interested in health care and public health, and having a family history of Gaucher disease sparked her interest in genetics from an early age. Her knack for languages and knowledge of the health disparities in the U.S. inspired her to commit to providing care bilingually and working with Spanish-speaking populations to improve health and genetic literacy. Additionally, she wants to work with insurance companies to increase the rates of insurance coverage for Spanish speakers. 

Through the Health Justice Scholars program, Director looks forward to engaging with the Spanish-speaking population in the Pittsburgh area to assess and address their needs. She plans to use her privilege and knowledge of the health care system to bring about systemic change and support those who have been historically marginalized and overlooked. 

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