Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle - culturally humble and relevant care


The mission of the Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle is to protect, promote, and support human milk feeding as the cultural norm and optimal feeding method for birthing people of African descent in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, which includes providing culturally humble and relevant care led by trained and certified lactation professionals. 

Co-founder Ngozi Doreen Tibbs is also the founder of Sankofa Childbirth and Lactation Services, providing evidence-based holistic childbirth and breastfeeding education both virtually and/or in person for families from all walks of life. 

"Pittsburgh faces a unique crisis in that she is surrounded by top medical organizations of excellence; however, there are major equitable gaps in access and compassionate care for diverse families," Tibbs said. 

She notes that both Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle and Sankofa Childbirth and Lactation Services can partner with Pitt Public Health to provide insight into the health disparities that families face in the Pittsburgh region by conducting surveys. 

The OBOC takeaway according to Tibbs? 

"We need to hear from Black professionals and scholars like Dr. Davis about the origins and solutions to racist policies in maternal and child health," and in terms of what to glean from Dr. Davis, "How do you keep going when you feel exhausted from working in environments with white providers who are tone deaf and not truly committed to justice and equity?"

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