Pitt Public Health COVID-19 updates (1/29/2021)

Dear Pitt Public Health Colleagues,

We hope that your semester is off to a good start. We have a few important updates since last week.

 COVID reporting and testing

• Faculty and staff now have access to testing under specific circumstances.

• The university Health Check app is no longer required for individuals coming to campus. However, all faculty, staff, and students in the labs should continue to use the lab check-in system for contact tracing purposes.

• In addition to reporting individuals who have been on campus who test positive or who develop symptoms, we are now also asked to report individuals who have had a close contact with someone who is positive or symptomatic. Anyone who is experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or who thinks they have been exposed to the virus via travel or contact with others should call their health care provider to talk with a medical professional as soon as possible. Individuals who have been on campus should also contact MyHealth@Work at 412-647-4949 if they think they’ve been exposed.

Building access

Access procedures for the Public Health building remain the same. The new procedures announced recently apply primarily to other University buildings. Our procedures are as follows.

• Individuals who have been approved to work in the building (lab research) can scan into the building at any time. No specific access request is necessary.

• Other faculty and staff with scanning rights may come in if needed for brief visits to pick up materials from offices. Let your department administrator know in advance. You do not need to request access via the ATO system.

Advising meetings, thesis defenses, lab meetings, and other educational activities

While the university is in the Elevated posture, all meetings should be held remotely. Even if individuals have approval to work in the building (i.e. lab research), all meetings should be held by zoom or other videoconferencing technology to minimize contact. We encourage small outdoor gatherings (for example advisor/advisee park walks) if weather permits.


The Pitt Public Health convocation ceremony on May 2nd will be a virtual event. While it’s possible that conditions may permit smaller celebrations at the program or department level to be held in person, the main school event will be held online and made widely accessible to family and friends. We are working hard to make it an engaging event that celebrates our graduates' accomplishments and will be back in touch in March with specifics.  Please send ideas about what you would like to see included in the virtual event to

Spring Term Dates

Important Spring Term dates are available on our Academic Calendar. Reminder: No Pitt Public Health classes will be held on the two Student Self Care Days (Tuesday February 23rd and Wednesday March 24th)  Students who plan to graduate this term should also review the guidance available on our Pitt Public Health graduation page.

Eleanor Feingold, Executive Associate Dean

Jessie Burke, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Renae Brinza, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance


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