Pitt public health expert anticipates surge in COVID cases


WTAE NEWS — HPM's Mark Roberts is the director of the Public Health Dynamics Lab at Pitt Public Health. His lab has done modeling for COVID-19. Like Allegheny County health officials, he anticipates a surge in cases after Thanksgiving. "I would say that we should start seeing something in the next couple of days," Roberts said about a surge.

Roberts says public health officials are giving the best guidance based on the best science they have available.

"Right now, the only way we can stop the spread is if people behave in a way that decreases their likelihood of spreading the virus: That’s socially distancing, wearing the mask, washing your hands. All the things that Dr. Bogen is suggesting," Roberts said.

In terms of testing, Roberts says if he could wave a magic wand and test everyone, even asymptomatic patients, he would. But Roberts says that's not the reality right now. "We have enough testing right now if we use it appropriately. And Allegheny County is doing as good a job as it can with the testing available that it has," Roberts said.

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