Summary guidelines for Pitt Public Health during "Guarded" posture

Dear Pitt Public Health faculty, staff, and students,

Today marks the University of Pittsburgh’s first day in the “Guarded” operational risk posture on Monday 10/19. Here are a few reminders of what that means.

Basic precautions

Each of us needs to continue to do our part to safeguard the health of our community. Social/physical distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing remain essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect yourself and others from the virus.  


Classes that are designated as “web-based” will remain fully remote. Other classes may begin in-person meetings as described in syllabi and class schedules. Instructors should communicate with students to clarify plans for each course. Students should contact the instructor if they have any questions about the status or plans for a specific class. In keeping with the Flex@Pitt model, all classes will continue to have the option of remote attendance.

Other academic activities

Activities such as thesis defenses, committee meetings, and advising meetings may be done in person but must include the option of remote attendance. Internship and practicum experiences must still be approved in order to be done in person. The form for requesting approval is available on the Pitt Public Health Forms page.


Guests can be on campus primarily for purposes related to teaching (i.e. guest lecturers), but must be “hosted” (i.e. with a University member), and the school must keep a record of guests in case contact tracing is necessary. See page 6 of the Meetings, Conferences, Events and Guests Standards and Guidelines for details about the type of information that should be recorded for each guest. The guest request form should be filled out and returned to your department administrator before the date of the visit.


Lab research will continue in the building as before, and other research should continue to be performed remotely as per university guidelines for the Guarded posture.

Building access

Faculty, staff, and students may be in the building as needed to engage in or support the in-person teaching and lab research. Other activities should continue to be remote. The 5th avenue entrance is open from 7 am to 7 pm. Tap your ID, have your temperature scanned, and proceed through the double doors into the ground floor corridor. (The stairs to the commons are only to be used as an exit from the G23 auditorium). Individuals with swipe/tap access may use other building entrances as well.

Health check

All faculty, staff, and students entering the building should complete the COVID-19 Health Check prior to arrival. Those with Pitt credentials can do so by logging in through the My Pitt portal. Look for the gold and blue thermometer icon on the My Pitt homepage or check at the top of the page in the Pitt Mobile app to complete the brief daily check.

Study spaces in the building

Students who are attending classes in the building may use designated classrooms and study spaces if needed to attend virtual classes when there is not time to get home before or after an in-person class. The use of these spaces requires compliance with COVID-19 mitigation strategies including masks and physical distancing. Occupancy limits will be posted for all rooms. Over the next week departments will communicate with students about available spaces for remote class attendance within our building.  Students who need study space at other times are welcome to use any of these university spaces.

Eleanor Feingold, Executive Associate Dean

Jessie Burke, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Renae Brinza, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance


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