Aptly-named Speedgrader function makes grading assignments in Canvas quick and easy

The Speedgrader function in Canvas simplifies grading online by providing a clean interface and requiring fewer clicks to provide feedback and assign grades.

You can access this gradebook tool through the Grades link under the “Courses” tab or directly in the assignment that needs grading. Once in, use the navigation tools to organize your submissions. You can organize the student submissions in the gradebook column; or, once you are in Speedgrader, you can click on the student’s name in the top right corner, and a dropdown list of student names will appear. There is also a convenient color-coded system to show which student submissions have been submitted, which ones have been graded, and which are still in need of your attention.

When viewing a student entry in Speedgrader, a preview of their work will be on the left and the grading features will be on the right. You can mark up the student’s work in the preview pane, and enter their score or utilize a rubric right from the split screen. You can also easily readjust the pane sizes by clicking on the gray vertical bar in the middle of the screen. To utilize keyboard shortcuts when grading (and find out what they are), click on the gearwheel in the top left of the screen.

If you utilized Turnitin plagiarism detection software when creating the assignment, Speedgrader shows a color-coded system right in the Gradebook as well as in the preview screen. If you have a problematic submission, you can access the Turnitin entry directly from the preview screen.

You can also attach files, leave comments, or record right from the grading panel before quickly moving to the next submission to grade!


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