Fall Term Updates - Town Hall for Current Students


Eleanor Feingold and Jessie Burke gave updates and took questions about what to expect in the fall term. The most important piece of information they had was to remember that things are changing rapidly and a variety of committees are working constantly to keep the University community safe while committing to the same level of quality education we've always delivered. 

They talked about the dates announced recently by the Chancellor, including the start of fall term on August 19, continuing with no long weekends through the start of Thanksgiving break. While there will be a variety of both in-person and virtual opportunities throughout the term and at the student's choice, any final exams or additional educational components to the fall term will be virtual after Thanksgiving. We're working on updating all Pitt Public Health calendars. See Pitt's acaedemic calendar...

They talked about whether or not people in the building will have to wear masks, pointing out that the Health Care Advisory Group, which features some Pitt Public Health experts, is actively working on all of these types of requirements, and many haven't been set for August yet. We will be 

They also discussed the virtual computer lab and remote HSLS workshops

Feingold also responded to a question about social justice and pointed out: “Obviously social justice is at the core of what public health is about but the question is ‘what are we doing now, and every day, and in the future to act on that core principle?’ The school has terrific research and teaching foci on social determinants, health equity, LGBT health, maternal and child health in minority communities and several other areas so we’re really looking at ways to build on that current base and take more robust action in ways that really address some of the specific anti-racism issues. We have some trainings teed up for students and faculty – and a lot of stuff in the works that you’ll be hearing about soon. We’re also interested in your comments, questions, and suggestions. Contact Jessie or me directly.”

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