A message from the school on racism as a public health crisis


Dear Pitt Public Health Faculty, Staff, Students and Community,

As your interim dean, department chairs and as colleagues, we write to share outrage and deep sadness over the senseless and tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the many Black lives lost before him and the institutionalized processes/racism which have continued to allow these events to be perpetuated.

We all must condemn, in the strongest terms possible, abuses of power by those charged with enforcing the law. At the same time, we must also confront the long-standing and fundamental issues that these tragic killings and the simultaneous coronavirus pandemic have made so evident. Systemic discrimination and racial disparities continue to plague our country. Real and meaningful change is long overdue.

We, as a school of public health and community that cares, must stand together against racism, oppression, and inequality. We have the power and carry a responsibility to use our unique research knowledge, educational programs and our service to the community to lead in these troubling times.                                                                                                                                    

Respect and equity are among our deepest shared values as a school and together we reaffirm our commitment to this work and to supporting each other.




Everette James
Eleanor Feingold
Anne Newman
Mark Roberts
Charles Rinaldo
Steve Albert
Sally Wenzel
Shyamal Peddada


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