Lydia Tiguert (MHA '20), Trinity Health Administrative Fellow


I am an incoming Administrative Fellow at Trinity Health (Michigan HQ) in Revenue Excellence and currently an Extended Administrative Resident at the UPMC Innovation Center. Trinity Health was a top choice for me because of its location, culture, and fellowship structure. I am from Michigan and am thrilled to move back home after graduating with my MHA. I primarily pursued a fellowship at Trinity because they offer fellowships in not only operations, but other functional areas of healthcare management like finance and information technology.

I am excited to join the Revenue Excellence area because I want to increase my financial acumen, as well as gain a comprehensive skillset in the areas of process improvement and strategy. The fellowship structure is unique, in that the fellow and preceptor tailor the fellowship to the fellow’s interests. During the interview process, I found Trinity and my potential preceptors to be incredibly invested in my interests and experiences, which played heavily into my decision to accept the fellowship. My experiences as a resident at the UPMC Innovation Center gave me the opportunity to relate to similar initiatives that Trinity is undergoing.

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