Instructors: Help pilot a mid-term course evaluation program

The Center for Teaching and Learning is looking for volunteers to assist with a the Midterm Course Survey pilot project administered by the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET). The survey, administered online to students for one week, will use standard survey tools and a short questionnaire. You can sign up to participate using the online registration form and find additional information below. Deadline to sign up is August 30.

  To Participate in the Pilot Program

·         Sign up by August 30 using the online registration form

·         In September, you will receive an email with instructions on how to request the Midterm Course Survey through your Teaching Survey Dashboard.

·         You will also be asked for feedback when the pilot is complete.

Features of the Midterm Course Survey Pilot

·         Instructors will have the option to add custom questions.

·         Surveys will be administered online for one week.

·         Anonymized results will be released to instructors shortly after surveys close.

·         Instructors can request a midterm survey through their Teaching Survey Dashboard.

·         The following text will be included in the survey:

At this point in the semester, your instructor would like to know:

·         What is helping you to learn in this class?

·         What is making learning difficult? (structure of class)

·         What changes could be made to help you learn?

·         What do you still find confusing or unclear? (content of material)

·         What steps could you take to improve your own learning in this course?


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