Produce your own teaching and learning resources with the Media Creation Lab

Enhance and add depth to your courses by creating your own impactful, meaningful multimedia asset at the Media Creation Lab in Alumni Hall. The Teaching Center’s new Media Creation Lab is a broadcast-grade digital media studio designed for the development of a wide range of multimedia content to assist instructors in producing their own innovative and effective teaching and learning resources.

The lab features audio equipment, video hardware, and specialized software, and also provides assistance in the creation process with consultations and workshops. Here are some of the available technologies to take advantage of:

Lightboard is a glass chalkboard for recording video lectures. This allows instructors to face the viewer as they speak and draw.

Podcasting is designed to deliver audio recordings of a host speaking about a subject. Many instructors record podcasts of their lectures or produce original content.

Studio lecture capture refers to the process of creating a video in a recording studio for the purpose of presenting the content to students. You can try to “flip” your class by having students watch the lecture outside of class, then have them actively work on problems during class time.

Webcasts and webinars are typically streamed in real time, but are also able for viewing later, allowing for remote learning and online teaching.

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