Michael Walsh: 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award for Practice


Michael T. Walsh Jr. is founder and principal of 25 Strategies, a consulting firm focused on creating and deploying impact strategy for foundations, health systems, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and social impact ventures that address public health challenges, strengthen health systems, and build resilient communities.

Walsh is also interim chief of strategy and programs for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention and Control Platform, which is focused on accelerating the development, dissemination, and amplification of evidence-based strategies, community services, policy interventions, and knowledge targeting measurable reductions in cancer incidence and mortality at a population level. In addition, Walsh has worked closely with other nonprofit organizations focused on underserved communities and vulnerable populations.

Previously and for nearly a decade, Walsh led the design, development, strategy, and implementation of high-impact global health initiatives for one of the nation’s leading pediatric and maternal health systems. In this capacity, he maintained strategic, financial, and operational leadership responsibility for a global health program portfolio spanning 10 clinical specialties, including public-private partnerships with 18 foreign governments, and supported by U.S. federal funding streams, United Nations agencies, and philanthropic investments.

Throughout his career, Walsh has worked in more than 20 countries building sustainable public-private partnerships that address the needs of children, women, and underserved populations in resource-limited settings. He has served as a board officer for nongovernmental organizations in Uganda and Malawi. As an instructor for numerous graduate and undergraduate programs, he has developed curricula for courses spanning governance, public health, global health, and health policy. He is a 2002 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. In 2013, he was named one of Houston’s 40 Under 40 by the Houston Business Journal.

Walsh earned his MHA in health policy and management in 2004 from Pitt Public Health.

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