What can I do with my new ORCID iD?

What can I do with my new ORCID iD? The easiest answer? Use your new ORCID iD when submitting a publication! Publishers are now starting to require an ORCID iD . Funders may not be far behind. While not required, it is beneficial for authors to customize their personal ORCID records to promote their work, save time filling out forms and submitting manuscripts, and to maintain a complete and current record of works that can be transmitted as a URL. Information for ORCID registrants to consider adding: 1. Variants of your name, such as with/without initials, or in another language, perhaps one using a different set of characters. 2. Email addresses – consider email as the principle contact for potential collaborators. Multiple email addresses are encouraged. 3. Links to all your works - use the automatic import tools from either Scopus, Web of Science, CrossRef or others to create an online CV. Note: once you give initial authorization from within ORCID, CrossRef will automatically populate your record upon publication of any work with a DOI. 4. Funding records – import these by authorizing ÜberWizard for ORCID, drawing from over 2 million grants from approximately 200 funding bodies from around the world. ORCID tracks more than publications. Add your presentations, methodologies, conference abstracts, reports, lectures, datasets, videos and more – 37 types of work – for a full record of your work. Applying for a grant? Your ORCID record can be used instead of eRA Commons as a data source for NIH or NSF biosketches using the new tool from NCBI, SciENcv . Don’t wait to make ORCID work for you. If you have any questions or need guidance, please contact your library liaison Barb Folb, , or Andrea Ketchum at at HSLS. 


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