Best ENAR Student Presentation Award Announcement

  • Megan Olson Hunt, a PhD student, advised by Dr. Gong Tang, won the 2014 Biostatistics Department Best ENAR Student Presentation Award. ENAR is the EasternNorth American Region of the International Biometric Society.
  • Chien-Wei Lin, a PhD student, advised by Dr. George Tseng, and Samia Lopa, a PhD student, advised by Dr. Jong-Hyeon Jeong, received honorable mentions.
CONGRATULATIONS, Megan, Chien-Wei and Samia!

A  total of 15 PhD students from the Biostatistics Department participated in this presentation competition. All of them will give oral presentations at this year’s ENAR conference in Baltimore (March 16-19). In addition, our department has about 35 students and faculty members in total presenting at and/or attending ENAR.


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