Human Genetics Dissertation Defense

Bruce C. Nmezi: The Role of Lamin B1 and Myelin Reg. in Development and Disease

Wednesday 7/10 10:00AM - 12:00PM
2121C Public Health



Ph.D. Dissertation Defense and Final Examination




Bruce C. Nmezi


Of the


Department of Human Genetics, Graduate School of Public Health


     The Role of Lamin B1 in the Organization of the Nuclear Envelope and Myelin Regulation in Development and Disease


DATE:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019

TIME:  10:00 AM

PLACE:  Graduate School of Public Health

ROOM:  2121C Public Health


Committee Chairperson:  Quasar S. Padiath, MBBS, PhD


Committee Members:

Robert D. Nicholls, PhD

Zsolt Urban, PhD

Beth L. Roman, PhD

Kris N. Dahl, PhD


Graduate Faculty of the University and all other interested parties are invited to attend

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