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Meet Yan Tang, HPM alum

YAN TANG (HPM '15) works at RTI International as a health services researcher. Much of her current work focuses on pay for performance initiatives in the U.S. health care system.   

Grepo receives the Surma Scholarship

The Surma Scholarship for Long-Term Health Care Administration in Policy and Aging is an endowed fund that provides support to HPM students who are Pennsylvania residents and have demonstrated interest in long-term healthcare administration or policies. This year, HPM's STEPHANIE GREPO received the award. Congratulations!   

Gbaintor receives award from the Thomas and Jody Priselac Endowed Fund For Healthcare Leadership

The Thomas and Jody Priselac Endowed Fund for Healthcare Leadership provides support for MHA students participating in selected professional and leadership development activities nationally, including professional association conferences, academic team competitions, professional networking, and other health management career path opportunities. In 2017, the award recipient is HPM's YEI GBAINTOR.  

States with expanded Medicaid had increased early cancer diagnoses, saving lives and costs

POST-GAZETTE - “Policymakers considering cuts to or restrictions on public insurance such as Medicaid should take into account the access to important screening and diagnostic health care provided by insurance coverage,”says HPM’s LINDSAY SABIK, co-author of a study published in the American Journal of Public Health . “Our findings suggest that Medicaid coverage can improve early detection of cancer, which may have important benefits for individ... 

Pittsburgh employs FRED for disease modeling as part of DASH grant

HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS - Pittsburgh is 1of 4 city grantees of Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH). At their 12/14 meeting, KAREN HACKER, ACHD director and HPM faculty, reported on use of the Framework for Reconstructing Epidemic Dynamics (FRED) to predictively model infectious disease outbreaks.  

Gellad on proposed CVS-Aetna merger (video)

C-SPAN - Doctor and HPM professor WALID GELLAD discussed the potential impact of the proposed CVS-Aetna merger with Washington Journal host Kimberly Atkins. He says it might mean a fundamental transformation of how health care is delivered... and the transition has been happening for decades. 

HPM’s Ware awarded Goldstein Award for work on Emergency Law Inventory (ELI)

JD/MPH student ALIX WARE (HPM ’19) was awarded the 2017 Bernard D. Goldstein Award in Environmental Health Disparities and in Public Health Practice for her work on the development of the Emergency Law Inventory (ELI). Created to help individuals navigate through 1,500 law summaries impacting volunteer participation in disaster scenarios, ELI provides emergency volunteers with easy access to the laws most relevant to become better prepared for e... 

Handley is founder of U can B, a Building Bridges for Business program

Alumna LINDA HANDLEY (HPM ’89) is founder of U can B, a Building Bridges for Business program. She provides monthly job readiness classes for Northside middle-schoolers at PPS Clayton Academy. All secondary students receive eight-sessions looking at career choices, paths, and interests. The program connects students, communities, and employers to transform careers and economies. Its hands-on curriculum has over 76 weeks of material available in a... 

Roberts finds that top five commercial insurers increasingly rely on public programs

MEDSCAPE - People who haven’t had insurance recently need help understanding their options, help that the ACA’s health care navigator program provided, says HPM’s ERIC ROBERTS. But the federal government has made steep cuts to that program’s funding. “This is a complex market to enter A well-informed individual guiding someone through the process is often the best solution, but that requires investment from the federal government and states.” 

As a young professional who wants to change health care for the better, Tomko is named Jonas Salk Activist (video)

PITTSBURGH BUSINESS TIMES - Last night the Health Activist Network named HPM student and research assistant HEATHER TOMKO as a Jonas Salk Health Activist fellow for tackling the problems and effecting change in the health care field. The expo event was held at the August Wilson Center,  and brought together health professionals who accelerate health policy and care delivery improvements. (subscriber-only content) 

Roberts says Medicare pay-for-performance didn’t deliver

HEALTH LEADERS MEDIA - “As long as these programs do not account adequately for patient differences, which is very difficult to do, they will further deprive practices serving low-income populations of important resources,” said ERIC ROBERTS, assistant professor of health policy and management at Pitt Public Health and lead author of the study. 

Roberts’ study says when parents are on Medicaid, kids get better health care, too

91.5 WESA - When a parent has health insurance through Medicaid, their child is 29 percent more likely to receive an annual physical exam. That’s according to a new study designed by HPM researcher ERIC T. ROBERTS, who calls this correlation between pediatric care and parental health insurance a spill-over effect. “We can’t look at individuals in isolation,” he explained. “When we help parents, we can help their kids.” 

Dodson analysis of Pittsburgh’s open data informs opioid crisis responses

DATA-SMART CITY SOLUTIONS, HARVARD - Using Pittsburgh’s public safety open data sets, HPM and PHDL’s ZAN DODSON has been advancing the region’s response to the opioid overdose epidemic by sharing his hot-spots research results to public health officials working to coordinate their responses to the crisis. 

FDA approved digital pill: Gellad talks about pros and cons

NPR - While warning of privacy and cost concerns, HPM’s WALID GELLAD explains the upside of the newly FDA-approved “big brother” digital pill. But he warns that there are broader privacy concerns when it comes to sensors that transmit health information. “We’ve seen time and time again that stuff that’s being transmitted ends up in the hands of people it shouldn’t. There are real concerns about data security.” 

Gellad on Trump’s pick to lead Department of Health and Human Services

BLOOMBERG - Azar “is not the pick you would expect from someone who is going around calling the pharmaceutical industry a bunch of murderers,” HPM’s WALID GELLAD, who heads Pitt’s Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing, said in a phone interview, referring to Trump’s “Getting away with murder” comment about the industry. 

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