Hanna Bandos, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Biostatistics


201 North Craig St., Suite 350, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
R-znvy: uno2@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-838-7009
Fax: 967-838-6832

Personal Statement

My current primary research interests include statistical aspects of design, implementation and analysis of clinical trials; design and analysis of quality of life studies, and survival analysis. As one of the statisticians for the NRG Oncology I have been involved in design, analysis, and served as a primary statistician on clinical trials evaluating therapies for the prevention and treatment of breast and colorectal cancer.


BIOST2038:  Foundations of Statistical Theory

BIOST 2043: Introduction to Statistical Theory I

BIOST 2044: Introduction to Statistical Theory II

Selected Publications

Tutt ANJ, Garber JE, Kaufman B, Viale G, Fumagalli D, Rastogi P, Gelber RD, de Azambuja E, Fielding A, BalmaƱa J, Domchek SM, Gelmon KA, Hollingsworth SJ, Korde LA, Linderholm B, Bandos H, Senkus E, Suga JM, Shao Z, Pippas AW, Nowecki Z, Huzarski T, Ganz PA, Lucas PC, Baker N, Loibl S, McConnell R, Piccart M, Schmutzler R, Steger GG, Costantino JP, Arahmani A, Wolmark N, McFadden E, Karantza V, Lakhani SR, Yothers G, Campbell C, and Geyer, Jr CE. Adjuvant olaparib for patients with BRCA1- or BRCA2-mutated breast cancer. N Engl J Med. 2021; 384 (25):2394-2405. PMID 34081848


Mamounas EP, Bandos H, Lembersky BC, Jeong JH, Geyer Jr CE, Rastogi P, Fehrenbacher L, Graham ML, Chia SK, Brufsky AM, Walshe JM, Soori GS, Dakhil SR, Seay TE, Wade III JL, McCarron EC, Paik S, Swain SM, Wickerham DL, and Wolmark N. Use of letrozole after aromatase inhibitor-based therapy in postmenopausal breast cancer (NRG Oncology/NSABP B-42): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 trial. The Lancet Oncology. 2019; 20: 88-99. PMID: 30509771


Bandos H, Melnikow J, Rivera DR, Swain SM, Sturtz K, Fehrenbacher L, Wade JL, III, Brufsky AM, Julian TB, Margolese RG, McCarron EC, Ganz PA. Long-term effects of adjuvant chemotherapy on peripheral neuropathy in patients with early-stage breast cancer: Secondary analysis of NRG Oncology/NSABP B-30.  J Natl Cancer Inst. 2018; 110(2).


Rivera DR, Ganz PA, Weyrich MS, Bandos H, Melnikow J. Chemotherapy-Associated Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients with Early- Stage Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review of Long-Term Adverse Effects. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2018; 110 (2). 

Holmberg C, Bandos H, Fagerlin A, Bevers TB, Battaglia TA, Wickerham DL, McCaskill-Stevens WJ. Results from NRG Oncology/NSABP protocol DMP-1: women’s decision-making in breast cancer risk reduction. Cancer Prevention Research. 2017; 10(11): 625-634. 


Gavin PG, Song N, Kim SR, Lipchik C, Johnson NL, Bandos H, Finnigan M, Rastogi P, Fehrenbacher L, Mamounas EP, Swain SM, Wickerham DL, Geyer CE Jr, Jeong, JH, Costantino JP, Wolmark N, Paik S, Pogue-Geile KL. Association of Polymorphisms in FCGR2A and FCGR3A with degree of trastuzumab benefit in the adjuvant treatment of ERBB2/HER2–positive breast cancer analysis of the NSABP B-31 trial. JAMA Oncology. 2017; 3(3):335-341.


Jatoi I, Bandos H, Jeong JH, Anderson WF, Romond EH, Mamounas EP, Wolmark N. Time-varying effects of breast cancer adjuvant systemic therapy. J Natl Cancer Inst 2015 108(1)

Klepin HD., Geiger AM., Bandos H., Costantino JP., Rapp SR., Sink KM., Lawrence JA., Atkinson HH., Espeland MA. Cognitive factors associated with adherence to oral anti-estrogen therapy: Results from the Cognition in the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene Study. Cancer Prevention Research. 2014 Jan;7(1):161-168.

Danhauer SC, Legault C, Bandos H, Kidwell K, Costantino J, Vaughan L, Avis NE, Rapp S, Coker LH, Naughton M, Naylor C, Terracciano A, Shumaker S. Positive and negative affect, depression, and cognitive processes in the Cognition in the Study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene (Co-STAR) Trial. Aging, neuropsychology and cognition: a journal on normal dysfunctional development, 2013; 20(5):532-52. 

Jung S, Jeong JH, Bandos H. Regression on quantile residual life. Biometrics. 2009, 65: 1203-1212. 

Fisher ER, Costantino JP, Leon ME, Bandos H, Palekar AS, Fisher B, Wolmark N. Pathobiology of small invasive breast cancer without metastases (T1a/b, N0, M0). National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP). Protocol B-21. Cancer. 2007, November 1. 110(9): 1929-1936

Hanna  Bandos