Elsa S. Strotmeyer, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor, Epidemiology

Co-Director, NIH/NIA T-32 Epidemiology of Aging Training Grant, Epidemiology


130 N. Bellefield Avenue, Suite 318, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
R-znvy: fgebgzrlrer@rqp.cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-838-6748

Personal Statement

Dr. Strotmeyer is a tenured Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and a Co-Director of the NIA T32 Epidemiology of Aging Training Grant at the University of Pittsburgh, where she completed her MPH (1997), PhD in Epidemiology (2000), and a subsequent NIA T32 Post-Doctoral Fellowship (2001-2003). She is an expert in the area of the epidemiology of aging with research that focuses on metabolic risk factors and diabetes-related conditions in aging associated with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal declines in the etiology and outcomes of fall injuries, mobility, disability and mortality. Dr. Strotmeyer has contributed to the field of aging research through pioneering work on the complex inter-relationships of peripheral nerves and musculoskeletal function. Her recent studies include health care claims linkage with Medicare datasets and evaluation of risk factors for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal decline contributing to fall injuries and mobility disability. She has received >$4 million of direct external funding from federal and professional organizations, published over 150 original articles, and was awarded several prestigious honors including an invited lectureship, the 2007 Health Sciences Research Award from the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), and Fellowship in the GSA and American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) for her research. Her research addressing the importance of peripheral nerve and neuromuscular impairments in aging and diabetes, demonstrated high rates of impairment which are critical to lower extremity performance, bone loss, falls and fracture. In older adults, she found that peripheral nerve impairments result in a 2-fold increased risk of mobility limitation which is independent of diabetes and account for approximately 25% of poor performance in older diabetic adults. Dr. Strotmeyer has also made major contributions to the understanding of osteoporosis and fracture in diabetes. Her work showing that type 2 diabetes is associated with 64% higher fracture risk, independent of the generally higher bone mineral density (BMD) and higher weight in type 2 diabetic older adults has been cited more than 100 times. She was the first to find that bone loss was related to poor peripheral nerve function and is Co-PI of an R01 to investigate detailed muscle associations with bone parameters from HRpQCT in the Study of Muscle, Mobility and Aging (SOMMA). Her R01 evaluating peripheral nerve impairments related to incident fall injuries, healthcare utilization/cost, and mortality using cohort and Medicare Fee-For-Service data has created algorithms for fall injuries in claims. These findings led to an R01 examining time trends for incident non-fracture fall injuries (NFFI) and fractures, across 20 years of 4 pooled longitudinal cohorts with nearly 12,000 women and men, a third of which are minority older adults, in Medicare; and will determine if incident NFFI predict future risk of inpatient hospitalizations, SNF stays and mortality. Developing areas in her ongoing work include novel methods to assess leg power capturing neuromuscular function; physical activity interventions to improve neuromuscular function in older adults; and cross cohort epidemiologic datasets with Medicare claims. Overall, her public health and research goals are to prevent or delay poor health and functional outcomes in diabetes and aging, and ultimately to provide recommendations for improving health care in older adults.


Dr. Strotmeyer has had substantial roles in teaching and service. She is the Health Sciences past Chair of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and Co-Chair of the Cross Cohort Collaboration (CCC) Steering Committee, which promotes scientific collaboration across approximately 20 NIH-funded cohorts. She serves on the Advocacy & Science Policy Committee of the ASBMR. Dr. Strotmeyer is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences and an Editorial Board member for Women’s Midlife Health. She was Editor of Clinics of Geriatric Medicine “Diabetes and Aging” 2015 issue and Co-Editor of the Women’s Midlife Health 2020 special issue on disability. She is the primary instructor of the Epidemiology of Aging Methods and Epidemiology of Aging Workshop graduate courses for students in the health sciences. The Epidemiology of Aging Methods course covers methodological aspects of epidemiologic research in aging as well as a field work component. Dr. Strotmeyer initiated the Epidemiology of Aging Workshop to provide opportunities to apply concepts in the aging field through presentations of trainees’ in-progress research, critique of current journal articles in the field - particularly methods and statistical techniques, and practical professional skills such as manuscript review, equity and inclusion issues, and career development. Dr. Strotmeyer has been as primary mentor and committee chair for 8 PhD students, of which 5 were awarded positions on the T32 training grant after initial support on her projects, 2 post-doctoral associates, and as co-mentor for 8 other PhD students. In her Department, Dr. Strotmeyer is currently Chair of the Curriculum Committee and has led its Elective Course Subcommittee, was a member of the Admission Committee, and served on the Preliminary Exams Committee as Chair of the Applied Exam Subcommittee. Her committee service at the University Senate and Provost Office level has been extensive, with the goal of improving university benefits and welfare, focusing on equity issues. Dr. Strotmeyer’s teaching and service goals encompass multidisciplinary collaboration to promote the work of the next generation and foster translational and innovative research to ensure that every older adult has the opportunity to age well.


  • Colgate University - B.A. Pre-health sciences/English literature, 1995 
  • University of Pittsburgh - M.P.H. Epidemiology, 1997 
  • University of Pittsburgh - Ph.D. Epidemiology, 2000


2007-2010, 2012-current
Epidemiology 2981: Epidemiology of Aging Methods

Epidemiology 2950: Epidemiology of Aging Workshop

Epidemiology 2900: Advanced Epidemiology of Aging

Research Interests

  • Aging epidemiology 
  • Diabetes complications in older adults 
  • Neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function 
  • Fall injuries and mobility 
  • Medicare claims in epidemiologic studies 

Research Support

Current and past research support

Principal Investigator


  • Bone microarchitecture and bone strength relationships to muscle quantity, quality and function in older adults: The Study of Muscle, Mobility and Aging (SOMMA). Co-PI: Cauley JA, 2019-2023, NIH/NIA
  • Non-fracture fall injuries (NFFI) and long-term geriatric consequences in older women and men from a cross-cohort study, 2020-2024, NIH/NIA
  • Clinical Characteristics, including History of MI and Stroke, among US Post-Menopausal Women Initiating Treatment with Romosozumab and Other Anti-Osteoporosis Therapies. Co-PI: McTigue KM, 2021-2025, Amgen Inc.


  • Individual and joint effects of the frailty phenotype, functional limitations and multimorbidity on health care costs and utilization, 2018-2019, NIH/NIA (Subcontract from University of Minnesota, PI: Ensrud KE)
  • Peripheral nerve decline: an underappreciated cause of injurious falls, 2013-2017, NIH/NIA
  • Sleep disordered breathing and sleep architecture in obesity and type 2 diabetes, 2012-2014, subcontract NIH/NHLBI (Subcontract from Temple University)
  • Developmental Epidemiologic Cohort Study (DECOS) – Leg power sub-study, 2009-2011, NIH/NIA Laboratory of Epidemiology, Demography, and Biometry
  • Peripheral nerve function decline in an aged cohort, 2007-2013, NIH/NIA 
  • Longitudinal changes in bone mineral density with diabetes mellitus, 2005-2007, American Diabetes Association
  • Epidemiology of bone mineral density in type 1 diabetic women and non-diabetic control women, 2001-2002, Lilly Center for Women’s Health



  • The Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN): The Impact of Midlife and the Menopause Transition on Health and Functioning in Early Old Age, 2020-2024, NIH/NIA (PI, Coordinating Center:  Brooks M)
  • Study of Muscle, Mobility and Aging (SOMMA), 2018-2023, NIH/NIA (PI: Newman AB)
  • Osteoporotic Fractures in Men Study (MrOS), 2013-2022, NIH/NIAMS (PI: Cauley JA)
  • T32 Training in the Epidemiology of Aging, 2011-2022, NIH/NIA (PI: Newman AB)


  • Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN) V: Coordinating Center, 2014-2019, NIH/NIA (PI: Brooks M)
  • Exceptional survival: Trajectories to functional aging (CHS All Starts), 2011-2018, NIH/NIA (PI: Newman AB)
  • Resilience to mobility impairment: neural correlates, 2011-2017, NIH/NIA (PI: Rosano C)
  • Mobility and Independent Living in the Elderly Study (LIFE), 2009-2015, NIH/NIA (PI: Newman AB, subcontract from the University of Florida)
  • Imaging biomarkers of accelerated brain aging in Type 1 Diabetes, 2010-2014, NIH/ NIDDK (PI: Rosano C)
  • Epidemiology of diabetes complications (EDC) Phase II, 2009-2014, NIH/NIDDK (PI: Orchard TJ)
  • Impact of Medicare Part D on racial disparities in diabetes, 2009-2012, AHRQ (PI: Donohue JM)
  • Racial disparities in older adults: Impact of Medicare Part D, 2009-2012, NIH/NIA (PI: Hanlon JT)
  • Exceptional aging: 12 year trajectories to function, 2004-2010, NIH/NIA (PI: Newman AB)



  • Implementation of a sustainable active lifestyle intervention within the public health care sector framework, 2014-2015, Odense Municipality, Denmark (PI: Caserotti P)
  • HANC 104-1.5-11, Implementation of an "Active Life-style" Intervention in Older People With Low Physical Function: Effect on Functional Impairments Pilot, 2013-2014, INTERREG 4A, European Regional Development Fund, European Union (PI: Caserotti P)

Honors and Awards

Fellow, The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR)


Chair, Health Sciences Section, Gerontological Society of America (GSA) 


Fellow, The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Health Sciences Section

Department of Epidemiology Nominee for GSPH, University of Pittsburgh, ASPH/Pfizer Young Investigator’s Award for Distinguished Research in Public Health

Mock Study Section Panel, The University of Michigan Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center Retreat: “Health Care Among Older Adults: Do Comorbidities Matter”

Course in Scientific Management and Leadership, Office of Academic Career Development, Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Health Sciences Research Award, Gerontological Society of America

Endocrine Society and Pfizer, Inc. International Award for Excellence in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2006

Alumni Award for 2005, University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Association (UPPDA)

Summer Institute on Aging Research, National Institute on Aging

Delta Omega Honor Society, Omicron Chapter, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health

Delta Omega Award for best Epidemiology masters thesis, University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health

Graduate School of Public Health Scholarship, University of Pittsburgh

Magna cum laude with high honors in English literature, Colgate University

Phi Beta Kappa, National Honor Society, Colgate University

Professional Memberships

Gerontological Society of America

American Society for Bone and Mineral Research 

American Diabetes Association

Selected Publications

Highlights of major research areas and recent publications. A complete list of published work is included in My Bibliography: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Strotmeyer+ES


Strotmeyer ES, Ward RE. Target populations, recruitment, retention, and optimal testing methods: Methodological issues for studies in the epidemiology of aging. In The Epidemiology of Aging. (Ed. Newman AB and Cauley JA). 2012. 

Vinik AI, Strotmeyer ES. Diabetic Neuropathy. In Pathy’s Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine, Fifth Edition (Ed. Sinclair AJ, Morley JE, and Vellas B). 2012. 

Strotmeyer ES, Cauley JA. Epidemiology of osteoporosis and fractures. In Atlas of Osteoporosis, Third Edition (Ed. Orwoll E). 2009. 

Review articles (*senior author manuscripts)

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Refereed articles (*senior author manuscripts), by topic area of expertise

Diabetes and neuromuscular impairments impact bone

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Elsa S. Strotmeyer