Part-time Faculty

Part-time Lecturers and Faculty




Courses Taught

Mike Evans Managing Principal and Co-owner, Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC HPM 2145 Marketing Health Care & Business Planning
Robert Frank   HPM 2012 Financial Management Foundations for Healthcare & Public Health
Laura Griffin Vice President, Nursing Operations & Strategy, Allegheny Health Network HPM 2240 Case Study Analysis and Presentation
Bob Monte Supervisory Program Specialist, Office of Healthcare Transformation, Veterans Health Administration HPM 2050 Health Engineering Seminar
Angela Perri VP Strategic Alignment, Transformation & Consumer Innovation, UPMC Health Plan HPM 2216 Health Insurance: Financing Health Care
Martin Raniowski Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Medical Society HPM 2081 Public Health Agency Management
Jamie Sokol Operations Manager, Housing and Community Environment, Allegheny County Health Department HPM 2005 Current Issues in Health Law
John Sullivan
Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer at St. Clair Health HPM 2075 Physician-Admin Relationships
Dan Fisher Assistant Chair for Administration and Operations, Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology HPM 2017 Quantitative Methods in Health Care HPM 2108 Leadership
Sue Paone President, Innovation Advising HPM 2029 Health Management Information Systems