Multistate investigation of Juul could mean a settlement sooner than later, experts say


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE - An investigation agreement by 39 states into Juul, the company blamed for the teenage vaping epidemic, has ramped up pressure to reach a global settlement. “I think at this point we’re at that stage in this process that there is enough feeling that this [vaping] goes across party lines and is a national problem,” comments HPM's Tina Batra Hershey. 

Pitt Medicine's Kar-Hai Chu, who has studied social media’s role in the popularity of vaping among teenagers, said the lawsuit agrees with research. “We know that Juul has targeted kids on social media, and study after study shows they had an impact” on kids vaping, he said. “It wasn’t about trying to find a 55-year-old 20-year smoker and getting them to quit.” Chu addressed the topic in yesterday's Social Dynamics and Community Health Seminar entitled "A bird's-eye view of tobacco research: the confluence of social dynamics and technology."

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