Mark Roberts: MDM research's impact on practice & lives

MEDICAL DECISION MAKING - Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, recently published a thoughtful essay in Medical Decision Making reflecting on one of his early papers and its impact on physicians and their patients. While in 1988 it seemed (to him that) physicians were largely distrustful of decision analysis and confused by modeling, Roberts relates an amazing story of how his analysis got through to one surgeon in Chicago, impacting not only that surgeon's own practice but also his advice to his diabetic brother's on whether to undergo gallbladder surgery. Today Roberts reflects, "I often hear complaints that...individuals in practice or in policy positions find models difficult to understand.... Yet, it has only taken that one experience for me to be pretty satisfied with my choice of using models to understand optimal decisions." Mark S. Roberts, MD, MPP is a physician, research and teacher, and serves as chair of Pitt Public Health's department of Health Policy and Management. Read the full essay in the August 2016 Web edition of Medical Decision Making. LINK:


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