Epidemiology epiBRAIN Journal Club

eBrain Summer Roundtable - Imaging, early markers

Tuesday 5/23 12:00PM - 1:00PM
5140 Public Health, Burke Seminar Room
Please join the eBrain group for our annual summer roundtable.

This year our focus will be on the intersection of cerebral small vessel disease and neurodegenerative pathologies with a focus on vascular contributions to Alzheimer’s disease. The roundtables are an opportunity to learn more about a specific topic relevant to brain health and brain aging in an informal journal club setting. Each session will focus on either a review article or seminal paper in the field and will be an open discussion. The sessions are open to anyone with an interest in this topic, regardless of discipline or expertise.

Location: 5140 Parran Hall
Time: Tuesdays 12-1 (bring your lunch!)

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