A Conversation with BCHS faculty and alum Elizabeth Felter


Elizabeth Felter joined BCHS as a faculty member in 2010. Her research and practice-based work is focused mainly in the area of health education/communications and evaluation, including supporting health departments, health clinics, and non-profits with their COVID-19 response.

What motivated you to choose BCHS?

I came to BCHS in 2005 as a doctoral student. I remember falling in love with the faculty at Accepted Applicant’s Day! The building was not nearly as pretty then, though.

Share your latest research/teaching/community-engagement experience:

I’ve been working with the Center for Public Health Practice to create a series of webinars and an asynchronous training module about health literacy. Nearly half of Americans have inadequate levels of health literacy, and we all have to be better about considering how to communicate in ways that are clear and accessible to everyone.

What is  the latest podcast, app, book, song, binge?

I’m a big podcast fan. Some of my favorites are: This Podcast Will Kill You (infectious disease), Planet Money (economics), Clear+Vivid (communication), Ear Hustle (justice system), Gen X, This is Why (70s/80s TV), and Pitt Public Health’s own Lisa Bodner’s Shiny Epi People.

What is your favorite class - or one which you are really looking forward to?

Oh, that’s like asking a mom to pick her favorite kid! Really, I don’t teach anything I don’t love. BCHS 2572—Risk Communication is probably the one that is just the most FUN to me—I love thinking about communication during emergencies (which is a good thing right now!). BCHS 2504, Overview of Health Communication, is great because it is community-engaged, and is so great to work with community partners to do health com projects. 


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