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Epidemiology Seminar - Mark Pearce, PhD, MSc

Thursday 3/30 12:00PM - 1:00PM
Public Health Auditorium (G23)
Mark Pearce, PhD, MSc
Professor of Applied Epidemiology, Newcastle University, England, UK

Thousand Families Study

Area of Emphasis: Environmental Epidemiology
Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology: Evelyn O. Talbott, DrPH, MPH

Dr. Peace received his BSc (Hons), from University of Wales, his MSc in Medical Statistics, University of Leicester and his PhD in Epidemiology, Newcastle University.

He is a Professor of Applied Epidemiology within the Institute of Health and Society, and he is the Director of the Newcastle Thousand Families Study, a birth cohort established in 1947. Dr. Pearce leads a program of epidemiological research assessing risk factors and causal pathways to adverse health and behavioral outcomes. This encompasses the effects of medical radiation exposures (primarily CT scans), the lifecourse influences on chronic disease and pathways to aspects of cancer survivorship.

His research is centered within the field of aetiological epidemiology with an ability to adapt to changing research needs or collaborative requests to cover most aspects of epidemiology. Within this area he has 2 primary research fields, i) lifecourse influences on health and behavior, and ii) the effects of medical radiation exposures on health.

Dr. Pearce is open to collaborations in any epidemiological field and to approaches from potential MRes (Epidemiology) and PhD students.

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